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Web Site Design Tutorial

Putting this web site designer to the ultimate test, we created a great-looking web site for our own mag...

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Is it possible to build a branded web site quickly, on a small budget? We decided to use QuickontheNet.com to build a site for Web pages Made Easy magazine. Our mag has a very distinctive look and we wanted to capture the spirit of the brand in our web site: www.webpagesmag.co.uk.

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The first thing that strikes you about QuickontheNet is how quickly you can have your new site on screen. From their home page, it takes just 5 clicks to get your site on screen. 'Try before you buy' is a cut-down version of what's on offer and no registration is necessary. Using the free trial, you can't upload photos or graphics, but it does give you a feel for the product and its easy-to-use 'TOOLKIT'. When building your site, everything is done through your own browser and there's no software to download.

Web Site Design Tutorial
What about the branding? We uploaded our own images and set up our own colour palettes to ensure everything was 'on-brand'. There's a big selection of default backgrounds and colours to work with, but you can take it further and go for a unique look. How much does it cost? QuickontheNet is new on the market and the prices seem to be competitive. A web site combined with use of the TOOLKIT costs £7.00 per month (£5.96 +VAT). If you use web forwarding, you can redirect your own existing domain for no extra charge. They also offer the 'own domain' upgrade package for £4.50 per month (£3.83 +VAT) for improved search engine performance.

Web Site Design Tutorial | Build a Website Web Site Design
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